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How does Tehachapower deliver your products once you have ordered them?

Simple, once you place your order we will send you a text message on the delivery time (unless otherwise requested) and we will drop off your stuff at your location.

No need for a big box store, order what you want and we will drop it off to you (if its in stock) within the same day (Only within the greater tehachapi area)

If you are hiking and need specific supplies, call us! we will help you stage your supplies.


At TehachaPower.com, we power your off-grid dreams with a diverse selection of batteries tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you're exploring the reliability of AGM batteries, the lightweight efficiency of Lithium-ion, or the eco-friendly performance of LiFePO4, we have the perfect energy solution for you. Our mission is to empower your off-grid lifestyle with batteries that deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and sustainability. Explore our range today and find the battery that fuels your off-grid adventure.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers, 12v to 48v for off grid battery charging. The solar charger pictured will charge at up to 100 amps at 12v and 20 amps at 48v.

PV combiner box

This combiner box makes hooking up multiple solar panels easy and safe. Each solar panel string has its own fuse, and a disconnect to allow for you to disconnect the panels to safely work on the system during the day.

Custom DIY Off-grid Solar kits

If your looking for cost-effective off-grid solar kits that fit your personal lifestyle and application look no further than these custom DIY solar kits. These can be ordered to any size you request, and can be custom tailored to accept power from ANY Power source you have on your property (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Vehicle alternator, ETC..).

About us

Tehachapower is focused on providing the essentials of Off-Grid living equipment, tools and hiking gear that you just wont find anywhere else.


If your hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and see something you need on here, be sure to give me a call. Im always restocking on new gear to make the long trek a little more bearable. Need something staged in Tehachapi to be picked up while your hiking? Give me a call, we would be more than happy to facilitate any staging of supplies required for your journey.


Tehachapi, California